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Content Management System

CMS is short for Content Management System. Setting up a CMS may initially take more time during develpoment, but results in more efficient website maintenance and updates. A CMS allows you, the client, to perform content updates yourself – saving you money.

Not comfortable with being responsible for the updates? Malia web cafe can still manage the website for you. In this case, the use of a CMS will ensure that updates take place quicker and easier – at less cost to you.

Malia web cafe develops websites with the following Content Managment Systems:

  • WordPress (open source CMS, but with limited flexibility) – FREE!
    (for small to medium sized websites)
  • Expression Engine (sophisticated, flexible, user-friendly CMS) – $ 300
    (for medium to large websites)

The above costs reflect the actual out-of-the-box prices of the specified CMS software, and does not include installation and setup.