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Website Services

Website Design

Web design, a form of graphic design, is the art and process of designing a single web page or entire website, focussing primarily on the look and feel of the website.

Website design options:

Custom Web Design:

  • 1 page look & feel – R 2000
  • home page & secondary page look & feel – R 3000

Website Templates

Customising an existing website template sourced from the internet has its pros and cons. If you can find a template that roughly resembles the identity that you would like your website to portray, the design can be customised to incorporate some features unique to your brand. This could result in savings compared to a unique, custom designed website. But do keep in mind that other websites could be using the same template. Luckilly the World Wide Web is a big place and the chances of coming across another website with the same template is very small. Malia web cafe often encourage new clients to start off with a customised website template when getting a new website online. This will bring down intial costs, and allows clients to order a custom design at a later stage, when they are more in tune with their website and what they would like to achieve.

  • Customisation of a pre-designed website template – from R 1000
Where can I find website templates?

Malia web cafe accepts designs from third-party web designers. Please note that all source files (layered design files (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks), images, fonts, etc.) are to be provided before commencement of the project. Customisations to the design will be charged for.